About Us

After working in various clinical, hospital, educational and research based settings, Hussein has developed a breadth of experience to provide care in a manner that considers his clients as a whole, not just the injury they are complaining about. Hussein opened Brant Lakeshore Physiotherapy with the mission to provide a service that prioritizes the interests of client recovery, while ensuring accountability and accessibility to the people receiving his service. At Brant Lakeshore Physiotherapy, we feel that providing care through the platform of a small business facilitates an unparalleled level of accountability and accessibility to the people who trust in our care.

At Brant Lakeshore Physiotherapy, we understand that you have many rehabilitation clinics to choose from. We are and will remain grateful for the privilege of being your care provider. It is that gratitude to our clients that drives us to be as accessible and results oriented as possible; Making our clients confident that they chose the right clinic for their care needs.

Our care is centred on mechanically diagnosing the causes of symptoms, discussing care options available and implementing the best courses of treatment for our clients’ unique conditions. Moreover, we will evaluate the mechanical contributing factors associated with injury onset, preventing future injuries before they occur.

Give us a call today to determine if we are the right fit for your needs!